Top Ten Causes of Auto Accidents in Houston, TX

The number of car accidents in Houston is increasing day by day. There is also an increasing accident in Houston by trucks.


Causes of most Houston auto accidents:

  1. Engaging in any other activity while driving such as talking on your cell handset, tuning a means of calling, putting on makeup – is a distraction. One should minimize distraction. Recently, the federal government banned texting by commercial truck drivers. That was a great step in the right direction as far as safety of the motoring public. States that regulate drivers need to follow suit and implement a uniform statute dealing with preventing accidents from texting from causing even more injury and death. If we have one uniform standard for stopping texting while driving from state to state it will be much easier to enforce and follow and will reduce the number of needless serious injuries and wrongful deaths.
  2. Road conditions such as Ice, snow, fog, and rain – all of these weather conditions require extra caution and slower speeds.
  3. Size and weight of the vehicles like trucks do cause accidents especially when taking a turn in a corner.
  4. Leave a safe distance between your car and others around you – Maintain at least one car length space between your car and the vehicle in front of you for every 10 miles per hour of speed.
  5. Road Rage – Reduce stress on the road by scheduling your way in early, and changing your program or way to keep away from crowded infrastructure. keep in mind not to confront violent drivers and wait as far away from them as possible.
  6. Maintenance & eventually, security as well depends on the preservation of one’s vehicle. Guarantee that vehicle brakes, wear out system, tires, lights, battery, and hoses are in superior functioning order.
  7. Varying Lanes: varying of lanes is predictable whilst driving, particularly when you are on the throughway. Though, a lot of drivers in the US ignore the signals or cautions when shifting lanes. the majority of the occasion they toggle lanes blindly or with no caution to the extra drivers and that constantly guide to severe accidents. So indication correctly and keep away from the sightless spots of extra cars while shifting lanes.
  8. Driving the Incorrect Way: Breezing your vehicle in the mistaken way on in one direction road or on the wrong area of the road or in the wrong lane of traffic may show devastating. So, never ignore the signage as it indicates the good lanes to travel, particularly if you are not familiar with the road you are driving your car and uncertain about the way to trail.
  9. High Speed: Just like considering of traffic signs, speed confines also play a essential part in safe driving. Allow enough time to get to your end safely and never go beyond the speed limit, particularly while driving down a highway. Driving at extreme speed frequently leads to dangerous passing and causes severe casualties.
  10. Drunk Driving: It is good news that over the last few years, awareness has risen significantly among common people to arrest this problem. It is needless to say that how much irresponsible, unnecessary and threatening this particular behavior is. Drunken driving accidents are quite fatal and many people have been victimized and killed by drunk drivers. So, if you are drunk take help of a designated driver.

Hope, now you will enjoy a safe drive. However, if you get involved in a serious car accident due to another driver’s negligence, get in touch with an experienced auto accident lawyer to get competent legal aid and fair settlement.

If you have experienced a car crash, it is important that you contact a lawyer asap. Call 844-431-9930 to speak to a representative at The Houston Car Accident Lawyer today. We are available 24/7 to take your call.

from The Houston Car Accident Lawyer


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